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Buy Term Life Insurance NOT Whole Life Insurance

Are you in the market for life insurance? I bet you are looking for the cheapest policy with the most coverage, right? Obviously you want to provide your family with the most money possible so they can continue their life after you pass. If this describes your situation you need term life insurance NOT whole life insurance. There are many advantages of term life insurance including:

  • Monthly premium stays the same over the term of the policy
  • Cheaper policy for a lot more death benefit

I get asked multiple times a day what the best type of life insurance is and without a doubt term life policies offer the right solution. Most people get life insurance to provide for their family in the event they pass away unexpectedly not if they live into their nineties. Just think about it, would you rather make sure your 10 year old son can go to college and succeed in life or would you rather see to it that your 50 year old son can buy a sports car when you die?

That last statement is exactly why buying term life insurance is better than whole life insurance. Term life insurance offers the cheapest premium for the most death benefit and for a specified period of time. This allows you to determine how much you want to provide for your family and for how long. Take the example of your 10 year old son, he has 8 years until he goes to college so if your only purpose of buying life insurance is to make sure he can get his degree then a 20 year term policy will work.

Another reason you should buy term life insurance is your 2 year old twins and your wife. If you want to make sure your wife can stay home to raise your children and allow them to go to college it will take at least $500,000. Buying a whole life insurance policy with $500k in death benefit would drive you into the poor house before you died. A healthy 40 year old male can get a half million dollar term life policy for less than $25 per month as opposed to a whole life policy which is likely to cost $150 or more per month.

If you still have questions about term life insurance talk with an insurance agent to find out more. The best way to find a local insurance agent who specializes in term life insurance is to shop online. You can get multiple insurance quotes in only minutes and find the cheapest term life insurance from leading insurers.


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